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About Res Aux

About Us

The Geisinger Residents and Fellows Auxiliary's purpose is to support our residents, fellows, spouses, significant others and families throughout residency. Our group is designed to provide socialization to resident spouses and families, assist in the relocation process and give back to the community.

As part of our family support system we provide many activities to help make your experience at Geisinger enjoyable! Some of our activities include:
  • Welcome Picnic - for new residents and their families
  • Monthly Meetings - to discuss, organize, and enjoy our events
  • Meals for Moms - you focus on being a new parent and we cook for you!
  • Holiday Parties - Brunch with Santa, Easter Egg Hunt, Thanksgiving pot luck, etc...
  • Resident Outings - monthly group activities in the area
  • Book Club - monthly reading group
  • Farewell Dinner - for departing residents
  • Charitable Donations - to community organizations - Children's Miracle Network, Ronald McDonald House

Broadway Acres Cheese Farm

End of Year Graduation Dinner

January Family Day

December Family Day

Contact us at: GeisingerResAux@gmail.com

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