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How We Live

Though I initially had hesitations about leaving my life in Chicago, I have found life in Danville to exceed my expectations.  The transition was definitely made easier with such a warm and welcoming community.  The affordable cost of living has allowed my husband Brian and I to purchase our first home and adopt our puppy, Charlie (seen here kiss-attacking my face).  In addition to working at a local boutique, I have had the opportunity to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House and to turn my hobby of photography into my own business, first steps photography.  Brian and I have enjoyed our first six months here and are looking forward to continuing to explore all the area has to offer!

Moving to Danville from Philadelphia was a big change for us but we were excited. We bought a house, got a dog and settled into the slower life of rural PA. I was able to quit my job and start teaching yoga, something that provided me with a flexible schedule to work around his crazy one. We have fruit trees and grapes growing in our backyard and plenty of trails in the woods to walk with the pup. We've been able to take tons of trips near and far, from the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania and the Poconos to Niagara Falls and San Diego. The Res Aux community made me feel welcome from the very beginning and I got involved quickly. From manning the glitter at the kids craft table during Santa Brunch to hosting book club and giving tours to potential new spouses, there's hardly a dull moment in Danville.


My wife and I moved to Danville two years ago and we were able to buy a house a few blocks from the hospital. We have a quarter acre of land, a small vegetable garden, a raspberry / strawberry patch, and some fruit trees. Mary is able to walk to work at the hospital each day. We had our first child during her residency and we've been happy with our daycare provider. I am an avid outdoor enthusiast, and most weekends I take our son hiking in the various state forests that are nearby. There are over one million acres of public state forest lands available within a two hour drive of Danville. This does not include other public lands such as State Parks and State Game Lands. There are close to 20 miles of nice trails behind the hospital in town that I like to visit during the week.

 Heather Dragann

Danville is a small town with a lot of hidden charm and character. The best ways to discover and explore what is hidden within this gem is to simply jump in your car and begin driving down a road you have never traveled before. This road will most likely lead you down and up long, windy roads with breathtaking country scenery, fresh fruits and vegetables for sale and the perfect spot to have a romantic picnic. If you decide to keep driving up this windy road to the tippy, tippy top, you may just find the most amazing natural light penetrating through the clouds to capture the sparkle in your child’s eye as they stare beyond the fields and mountains. A priceless photo and memory waiting to be made!

Within a 1.5-4 hour radius, there are a plethora of adventures waiting for you as well. Are you into history and local motives? Take a trip to Lancaster County and enjoy a ride on the Strasburg Railroad, tour the National Toy Train Museum and grab a creamy, homemade ice cream cone from the Strasburg Creamery. Are you a city person? Take a 3-4 hour drive to Philadelphia or New York City and splurge on a night away from the country!

Are winter sports your thing? Then enjoy a day of snowboarding, skiing or snow tubing at Camelback Mountain in Tannersville, Pa. After an afternoon of snow, go shopping at the Crossing Premium Outlets and grab dinner while listening to local bands at Barley Creek Restaurant.

          With all the activities available to us, the best thing about Danville is the camaraderie among the residents and their families. Many of us are here for a few short years and having those years filled with Pot-luck dinners, ice cream cones at Hunter’s, middle of the week dinner dates or play dates and uncontrollable laughters from crazy work stories to what happened with the babies before bed… this is what makes Danville the place to be!!


Living in Danville is a unique experience, my husband is able to enjoy a large state of the art teaching hospital and as a family we get to enjoy a small town with a tight knit community.   My husband and I were able to buy a home across the river in Riverside that has a great backyard for our 3 boys.  My oldest son has loved being able to attend the elementary school here in Danville.  Thru the residents auxiliary’s monthly socials we have met so many other residents and their families. The community is strong and connected to the hospital.  We have had an attending physician coaching our kid’s soccer team and our neighbor (a local life flight pilot) help plow the driveway.  When we had our third boy here in Danville, the auxiliary members brought us meals the first week I got home from the hospital.  We have found so many great outdoor sites and activities to take the boys to, but we have also enjoyed the bigger cities only a few hours away to explore as well. My family and I have found Danville so charming; even after my husband finished his residency we chose to stay for him to complete his fellowship here as well.  

After living in Chicago all of our lives, moving to Danville was quite a culture shock for my husband and me, but we have grown to love this little town.  Sure we miss the conveniences of the city, but there are so many wonderful things Danville and the area have to offer that we’d never get to experience in the city.  The outdoor activities are endless, the cost of living is refreshing, and the people are truly salt of the earth.  There is such a great support network in the resident community, which is especially important to us since we do not have family in Pennsylvania.  This is our fifth and final year here, and as I’ve said to friends countless times before, I cried on the way here, and I will cry on my way out.