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The Residents and Fellows Auxiliary’s purpose is to support our residents, fellows, spouses, significant others and families throughout residency, fellowship and beyond here at Geisinger. Our group is designed to provide socialization, assist in the relocation process and giving back to the community.


The Residents Auxiliary's mission is to support our residents, fellows, their spouses/significant others, and their families. We hope to provide that support from transitioning to the area, your journey through residency/fellowship and for those who stay on at Geisinger post training. Res-Aux was created to provide social events for singles, couples and families; real estate services; and opportunities to support and connect to our local community. We know that the years spent in medical training can be overwhelming and we strive to be here to provide support, community and connection. It is our hope that Res-Aux will become a foundation for you during your time here at Geisinger.


We desire to create a community that Residents, Fellows and those who stay on employed with Geisinger can rely on and thrive in. We desire to grow our membership and to adapt the needs of it with respect and integrity. We desire to have a positive impact in our area, providing support and personal enrichment through recreational clubs with a variety of interest groups/necessities and service.


As part of our family support system we provide many activities to help make your experience at Geisinger enjoyable! Activities include:

Welcome Event

Cooking Club

Social Club

Book Club

Meals for Moms/Meal-Train

Easter Egg Hunt


Halloween Trick or Treat Route

Drive In Movie Night

Resident Outings

Farewell Dinner 

Charitable Donations

Service Opportunities

And More

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