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I was fortunate to live in Danville for 6 years while my husband did his residency. From the moment we got here, we were blessed by the Residents Auxiliary. Not only that, but their website helped us find housing to live in as well. They hosted multiple family friendly activities, had clubs for me to join and make friends, and had an amazing network through social media for me to ask questions and get advice from others in the area. I met my best friends through these activities and clubs. These friends were the exact support I needed to get through being a mother during my husband's grueling residency. I also was living in a super small town for the first time away from any family. The support the people from ResAux made me feel like a family that I will forever cherish. Even though we have moved on from Danville, I know I will keep in touch with its members throughout my life. I am forever grateful for the support they offered me.

Grace Fisher, ResAux Member Since June 2016

The Resident Auxiliary Group has been the greatest constant for myself and my family since moving to Danville for my spouse's Residency program in 2019.  Relocating across the country to an unfamiliar place was difficult with no nearby family or friends.  Participating in the group events, clubs, and meetings quickly helped to form a friend group that we have come to rely on very much like family.  ResAux was also instrumental for learning of local resources, education, and activities.  Finding other like-minded people and having access to safe spaces has had a tremendous impact on our residency experience.  We will without a doubt miss the ResAux community once we relocate next year!  

Paris Blanco, ResAux Member Since June 2019

Danville, PA was the setting for a new chapter in the life of my wife and I as I matched for Residency. When researching the area we came across ResAux and we were able to find a place to live through their website. Since then, the group has become a social outlet with multiple groups led by various resident families.  My favorite group is cooking club where families meet to enjoy home cooked meals with monthly themes governing the types of dishes. My wife and I also enjoy the free events ResAux puts on that highlights local places with activities. Such as axe throwing, bowling, miniature golf or providing tickets to Knoebels Amusement Park. ResAux certainly gave me things to look forward doing during Residency and a support group to lean on as my family transitioned to a new area.

Luke Shrum, ResAux Member Since June 2021

The Geisinger Resident Fellow Auxillary has been a source of immense comfort, guidance, connection, fun and so much more for our family since moving to Danville this past spring upon my husband starting his three year Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship. I had already connected with other Geisinger families via the ResAux Facebook group before we moved during our search for childcare and since then have attended several events including playdates, cooking club, and the welcome back golf outing. The Facebook group has also been a great source of information for all things Danville and the surrounding areas. All that said, it’s not just these amazing events and resources that make ResAux so meaningful to us; rather, it is the feeling of being part of a group that not only ‘gets it’ but is there to help. Being a spouse of someone in medicine can be isolating at times but the ResAux truly make you feel like you are apart of one big family. Many many many thanks to the dedicated executive team and passionate volunteers who have worked tirelessly to build this beautiful organization. We are looking forward to everything you have in store for the future!

Sara Lesser, ResAux Member Since Spring 2022

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